December 29, 2009

2009: I will never forget

2009 has come to an end and some people say that 2010 is going to be better but I don't find myself  jumping to agree. 2009 was a year I will never forget and may never have again...

I drove a motorbike in the worlds worst traffic.

I learned how to speak (a little) Vietnamese, however, no one is calling me fluent.

I was on the news in Ho Chi Minh City teaching villages English travel words.

I bused across Cambodia not only once but twice in a week.

I lived in the jungles of Laos.

I was in Asian High School's poster ad.

I partied with models in Hong Kong.

I ate kangaroo, alligator, pigeon and goat all in one restaurant.

I compared teaching English in Vietnam to the life of a hooker.

I will have a scar on my left foot  because I was hit by a car/motorbike accident.

I will have a scar on my right calf because I was burned by a motorbike exhaust pipe.

I had the fine opportunity to witness a drunk Filipino man pee all over the bus.

I was part of the paparazzi while geisha spotting in Kyoto.

I dressed up as a geisha and not for Halloween.

I saw real live Harajuku girls.

I held baby sea turtles.

I went to Sri Lanka which is probably the most random place for me to end up but the best place in Asia.

I some how ended up in Sydney after it all...

December 9, 2009

Australia: Shannon Came to Sydney

You know you are living in a cool (western) place when your friends start to visit. Shannon came to Sydney!

1. First stop was the Sydney Opera House with a walk around Circular Quay:

2. The following day we walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge with amazing views:

3. Shannon could not wait to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We harnessed up and climbed to the top. The whole experience was totally worth the cost besides the wind gusts at the top:

{ the "summit" }
4. One rainy day we took the ferry from Circular Quay to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney:

5. We took the train from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and hiked to the Three Sisters:

{ The three sisters }
6. With two bus transfers we headed off to Bondi for an afternoon at the famous beach:

{ Bondi Beach }
7. On Shannon's last night we had a really fun night out:

{ Shannon and me dressed from head to toe in Cotton On }
{ Antonia, Shannon, me and our sunburns }

December 4, 2009

Australia: Getting a Tan in December

Starting a new life in Sydney, after living in Vietnam, has been exhausting. Learning to navigate my way around on the bus, making new friends, and finding a job has been exhausting. My experience in Australia has been up and down since I have arrived.

A few updates:

1. The job search has been slow and unmotivating, but like I was told by Terri, you only need one.

2. Now that I have been abroad for over a year I am starting to miss the cold and snow. I wish I could ski instead of snorkel... but then again I can't complain because I am getting a tan.

3. Yes, it is true we speak the same language but then again they speak Australian and I speak American. In person it is not a problem but on the phone- dear help me god.

{ Polo match - we had the lawn seats }
{ Bondi Beach }
{ Ashley and I in Bondi }