October 15, 2008

Singapore: The City

After a few days of beaching it in Malaysia we decided to head down to Singapore where one of Antonia's friends lives now. We arrived at the Mersing bus terminal early in the morning hoping to get a bus ticket to Singapore for later that day but all the buses were full. Taxis are fairly cheep here so we ended up taking a taxi all the way to the Singapore boarder (1.5 hours for $30 each! Not bad).
Antonia's friend lived just a short walk from the main shopping area- Orchard St. We found that there are not many sightseeing activities in Singapore so it was great to be staying in an apartment- cable TV and endless amounts of free internet. Backpacking luxury.

We spent three great days in Singapore; shopping, eating at some great (ca$h money) restaurants and putting our feet up! I have never been so happy to be in a city with a shortage of tourist sites. We were able to just sit back and do nothing. I use the word 'nothing' loosely because we did keep fairly busy but just a different kind of busy.

Clarke Quay was fantastic with lots of restaurants and a great area to explore. We winded and dined with the best of them and will now probably not be able to buy anything ever again. We also made sure to stop at The Clinic for drinks out of test tubes while sitting on hospital beds. This is highly recommended. It was awesome.

{ The Clinic, a bar with a hospital theme }

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