October 10, 2008

Malaysia: KL and Mersing

The morning we left Kuala Lumpur was a sweaty and busy one. We woke with the sun and hustled to see the Patronas Towers which are by far the coolest land attraction of all times. I cannot even express how huge they are and the fact that there are two- well more the merrier! After seeing the Patronas Towers we had to hurry back to our hostel to try to take public transportation to the bus terminal and believe it or not we made it- just in time to hop on our bus to Mersing/Tioman Island. The satisfaction of getting around an unknown and foreign city through public transportation is awesome.

We arrived in Mersing (which is on the east coast of Malaysia) in just enough time to catch the last ferry to Tioman Island. Antonia and I randomly picked Salang Beach before getting on the ferry and it was by far the best beach compared to the other five that the ferry stopped at previously.

Salang Beach is gorgeous. There are no roads and each beach on Tioman Island is pushed up right against the mountains that run down the middle of the island. We got a great little beachfront bungalow and are quickly getting into beach life- living in your swimsuit, never wearing shoes and beach bumming all day long.

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